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    Turning tools

    Tools, The proper tools are important when your doing any job,whether it is for fun or for work. The mechanic that works on your car may have the top of the line tools. Or at best the top of the line for his brand, he knows how important it is to do a good job. This goes with any line of employment or profession that you may be in. If you work in a factory that provides the tools for your trade, then they would buy the better quality tools.

    I found out how cheap wood working tools can cause you to lose time if you want to get your job done. Not to mention the quality of workmanship that goes along with it. I bought a small lathe a few weeks ago only to find out that it was not of good quality. It was used and there was no warranty with it, but I knew that when I bought it. The better quality was more money then  could afford to spend at the time. Now I needed some tools, again the tools I needed where costly.

    The good once they would cost  around two hundred dollars, so I bought the cheap set. I found out that they needed to be sharpened often which is a waist of time. When turning wood your working with fast turning shafts and you need to be careful. Which I thought I was until I slipped and slid my tool into a piece of wood and now bent my new tool. I could bring them back and I might yet but for now I still have them.

    A few days ago I was at a friends place, and I was a bit frustrated about my lathe. I had bought one and the motor went, so I was trying to replace it with a different one. This wasn’t working, I found out the shaft was to short after I had made the bracket. So he gave me an old lathe he had and some cutting tools. Granted they where old, but I could see that they would be a greater value then the set I had purchased. So with that in mined I tried them and Found they needed to be sharpened. But all in all they will serve the purpose very well. So if you have old tools don’t cast them aside till you can get a good quality set.

    Here are some tips of what to look for in tools,

    1. Made in Switzerland are the best in my opinion
    2. Made in Sheffield England are second
    3. Made in Germany                                                             Made in U S A  rank fourth

    But check if they are made in the US, some are made in other country’s. If they are made in China they don’t have the quality. They will get dull very fast they will bend and are not worth the money you paid for them.How ever if your wallet won’t allow you to pay top dollar then you will have to put up with them. Pretty much all the pocket knives sold with American Brand are made in China and are poorer quality.

    If you got an old set of cutting tool they are probably still made in the USA and are still high quality. Other country’s don’t have good quality steel or their heat treating is not that great. There are new tools on the market and they use a carbide bit at the tip, they are not overly expensive. The advantage is that you can replace the bit when it gets dull. There are a few times that you can use the same bit by turning is on your tool.

    I have tried these tools in a different application and they work fine. Many metal shops use them as it save time on sharpening high temp steel tools. So there you have my thoughts on this and good luck with your project.