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    My Journey with wood

    My new cell pics 053

    My Journey began a long time ago, I have always liked working with wood.I was never very good at it but some how that didn’t stop me. My first carving was so poor that you really could not see what it was,or what it looked like. It was a person but it looked more like a rectangle stick with a face on it.

    I also made a knife out of wood, I was raised in South America and had never heard of carving. There was a person who made wood furniture and did pretty good I thought. His son was one of my friends but we where not allowed to go near the wood shop. I guess for good reason, at 8 years old I was some what interested but not enough to do anything about it. I grew up and worked for different company’s, I did work in a cabinet shop for a few years.

    I could do many things with machinery but never really got interested in working with hand tools. Carving is still not my strong point, I do like carving. Over the years I tried many different things, from working in factories to driving truck. I spend about twenty as a truck driver, but this would never allow me anytime for anything else. Over the past few years, it seams that it maybe over as my health is getting in the way of my license.

    I guess this is where my real journey with wood working should begin, but I have played with it for years before.Many times there have been small projects that I have build. I enjoyed scroll sawing, wood burning, carving andĀ  theĀ  top of my list is wood turning. Now I still have a few years before retirement, I’m looking to my golden years threw wood chips. I see older people wonder around as if they have no purpose anymore, that does not appeal to me. A few month ago the company that I worked for decided, that some of my health problems would cause a problem.

    So now that I’m home for an unknown time I have time to get in some more experience. I have the know how I just need practice, now I have the time. There many things I have to find out yet, like, wood prices, pricing my work and the list goes on. I have a small collection of practice pieces which might be good later for fire wood, but for now they are for improvements. It’s always good to look back to see how far you have come from the beginning.